At an Atlanta high school art exhibition, Cherokee County pupils shine

The Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, an annual occasion co-hosted by the Arts Festival of Atlanta and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, has selected six exceptional student artists hailing from the Cherokee County School District to exhibit their creations. This April exhibition promotes and acknowledges the artistic prowess of high school pupils hailing from throughout the eighteen counties surrounding metropolitan Atlanta.

Considering the intense competition that this exhibition attracts, acceptance is a noteworthy accomplishment. It is one of the most competitive art exhibitions in the state, as only about 200 from the more than 800 submissions annually are selected for exhibition. In addition, prizes and further recognition are awarded to the artwork tht is evaluated, which enhances the event’s prestige.

Grace Dai, a sophomore at Cherokee High School, is one of the exceptional artists hailing from the Cherokee County School District. Her enthralling artwork, “Mirrorball,” garnered an Honorable Mention award from the Georgia Watercolor Society. Her artwork demonstrates Grace’s aptitude and commitment to her profession, which has earned her the acclaim she deserves.

Five additional gifted student artists from different high schools in the district are accompanied by Grace.

  • Senior at Etowah High School Kyra Albertson obtained recognition for her intellectually stimulating essay titled “Back Breaking Standards.”
  • Etowah High School senior Miranda Crespo was recognized for her evocative composition entitled “Beauty.”
  • Streamview High School junior Kate English’s “Overworked” exemplifies both her technical prowess and imaginative vision.
  • “2 of Sweetness,” a work of art by Creekview High School freshman Victor Miranda Lara, exemplifies his artistic prowess and aptitude.
  • Acceptance of an award for “Stack O’Beetles,” a striking piece by Etowah High School junior Abby Roach, whose unique perspective captivates viewers.
  • In addition to their extraordinary artistic prowess, these gifted pupils have exhibited a commitment to creative expression and a steadfast devotion to their respective artistic crafts. Both their individual talents and the caliber of the visual arts programs in the Cherokee County School District are exemplified by their participation in the Atlanta High School Art Exhibition.

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Their participation in this esteemed exhibition indicates that the district is dedicated to nurturing ingenuity and artistic distinction among its pupils, as these individuals persist in the pursuit of their artistic interests and refine their abilities. Deservingly recognized for their artistic prowess, Grace, Kyra, Miranda, Kate, Victor, Abby, and their committed educators are commended.

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