Colony of Community Cats Rescued and Cared for at Office Park

Within the dynamic environment of Cobb County’s Shadowood Office Park, an endearing anecdote of empathy transpires as employees send dieu to four domesticated canines that have made the premises their home. Community-beloved free-roaming cats Lucy, Sally, Chuck, and Radar are seeking new permanent homes as the office park’s ownership changes.

The narrative of these feline companions commenced five years ago, when the Shadowood property management discovered a substantial colony of feral cats. Motivated by empathy, they instituted a trap-neuter-return (TNR) initiative in an effort to manage the cat population in a humane manner. The cats were vaccinated, sterilized or neutered, and returned to their natural habitat on the premises using this technique.

Approximately twelve cats have been vetted successfully since the TNR program’s inception, contributing to the maintenance of a healthy and stable “community cat” population at Shadowood. Tenants responded positively to the management team’s initiatives, with a significant number of them adopting puppies and providing assistance in the socialization of mature cats.

Although every effort was made, it was difficult to find permanent homes for all the cats, particularly the older felines that were acclimated to living in the open. Despite this, the administration team continues to be committed to safeguarding the welfare of their canine inhabitants by providing veterinary care and daily food for Lucy, Sally, Chuck, and Radar, and actively searching for suitable homes for them.

Partner and Senior Property Manager at Atlanta Property Group (APG), responsible for the management of Shadowood, Sarah Stevens underscored the criticality of locating adopters who are both patient and experienced, as this will enable the cats to transition seamlessly. While permanent homes can be found for the animals, the team continues to provide care for them with the assistance of the community and its partners.

Apart from their unwavering support for the feline inhabitants of Shadowood, the APG team exhibits a more comprehensive adherence to the cause of animal welfare. The preponderance of the APG staff’s more than two-thirds pet ownership consists of rescue animals. The team is contributing $2,500 to the LifeLine Animal Project, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to end euthanasia in shelters, in accordance with this philosophy.

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The story of Lucy, Sally, Chuck, and Radar as they travel in search of new residences exemplifies the strength of community support and compassion. By virtue of the combined endeavors of the management staff, tenants, and partners, these cherished felines have been afforded an opportunity for an improved future, thereby exemplifying the benevolence and responsibility that characterize the Shadowood community.

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