Beloved Coach Tragically shot to death Police Request’s to Identify Potential Suspects

Cobb County is currently in a state of profound sorrow due to the tragic demise of esteemed youth football coach Curtis Coleman, who was shot and killed approximately one month ago. New images of two individuals, whom authorities believe may have vital information regarding the case, have been disseminated as investigators continue to piece together the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

Curtis Coleman, a routine commute home from work where he was a father of four and 43 years old, was tragically murdered by gunfire. The violence that befell him was beyond description. Coleman, who was reported to have been waved down along Powers Ferry Road prior to the gunfire that claimed his life, the exact sequence of events preceding the murder is unknown.

Kimberly Coleman, the mother of Curtis, reflected poignantly on her son’s character as she reminisced about his inexhaustible benevolence and contagious grin. “It’s unfortunate that in this day and age, demonstrating kindness towards others can be fatal, which is not fair. It is merely unjust. “I struggled to comprehend the irrationality of the tragedy, lamenting that my child did not deserve this.” Curtis Coleman left behind a lasting impression on all who knew him through his diligence, sense of humor, and consistent magnanimity.

Two individuals, whom authorities are eager to identify as persons of interest, are illuminated in newly obtained video footage that sheds light on the investigation. These persons possess crucial information that may aid in solving the enigma surrounding Coleman’s demise and offer consolation to his bereaved family and friends.

By dialing 404-577-8477 and contacting Crime Stoppers, members of the public are strongly encouraged to report any information they may possess, regardless of its apparent insignificance. Irrespective of its magnitude, each individual piece of information may serve as the crucial missing puzzle piece that assembles the culprits into accountability.

Following the profound deprivation of their cherished father, Curtis’s four children, whom the Coleman family has established a GoFundMe page to assist, are confronted with the formidable task of adjusting to life without their cherished father. The overwhelming demonstration of community support exemplifies the profound influence Curtis Coleman exerted on his contemporaries and emphasizes the shared resolve to pay homage to his legacy.

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The community continues to provide resolute support and law enforcement maintains a resolute stance throughout the investigation. By uniting, they shall persist in their endeavor to secure justice for Curtis Coleman, thereby safeguarding his enduring legacy of affection and empathy in spite of the obscurity that surrounds his premature demise.

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