Nationwide Acknowledgment for Digital Citizenship Education in Cherokee County Schools

Achieving re-certification as Common Sense Schools, a prestigious national honor bestowed by the nonprofit organization Common Sense, is the accomplishment of three schools belonging to the Cherokee County School District. Distinguished for their endeavors in imparting knowledge about digital citizenship to pupils, Bascomb Elementary School, Hasty Elementary School Fine Arts Academy, and Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy have garnered commendation.

Their re-certification by Common Sense Schools serves as evidence of their commitment to encouraging students to utilize technology responsibly. The educational institutions have incorporated the resources of Common Sense Education into their curricula, under the guidance of their respective media specialists—Jana Cervone at Bascomb, Rebecca McArthur at Hasty, and Maria McCardle at Holly Springs—in order to equip students with the capabilities they need to navigate the digital environment.

Student critical thinking skills, which are essential for making well-informed judgments regarding technology usage, constitute a fundamental aspect of the digital citizenship curriculum. The schools are cultivating a climate of conscientious digital conduct among their pupil body by conducting lectures on subjects including privacy protection, cyberbullying awareness, internet safety, and privacy preservation.

The schools’ dedication to equipping students with the necessary skills to thrive in the contemporary labor market and promoting moral engagement in society is emphasized by the re-certification. Holly Springs, Bascomb, and Hasty are enabling pupils to confront the intricacies of the digital era with assurance and honesty through the early inculcation of these fundamental abilities.

The institutions’ commitment to digital citizenship education was complimented by Liz Kline, vice president of education programs at Common Sense Education. Recognizing these teachings as indispensable elements of a comprehensive education in the technology-driven contemporary world, she underscored the significance of integrating them into the curriculum.

The imperative for digital citizenship education grows in significance as technology evolves into a more indispensable component of everyday existence. By equipping their students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to flourish in a digital society, Bascomb, Hasty, and Holly Springs are at the forefront of this effort.

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The affirmation of its dedication to furnishing students with a holistic education that equips them for achievements across all spheres of life is further reinforced by the Cherokee County School District’s pride in the honors bestowed upon these institutions. The district fosters ethical and responsible digital citizens who will make positive contributions to their communities and beyond by placing digital citizenship education as a top priority.

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