Privacy Policy

Hey there, TowneLaker family! We’re rolling out the red carpet to our Privacy Promise – it’s like a cozy blanket, designed to keep your personal info safe and sound while you’re hanging out with us, both in the pages of our print edition and in the digital world of our website.

The Scoop on What We Gather

Just the Basics: When you sign up to get the latest from TowneLaker, we might ask for your name, email, and maybe even your address – but only so we can send you the good stuff, like our newsletter or updates about community shin-digs.

Behind the Scenes: We keep an eye on how you interact with our site – which articles tickle your fancy, how long you hang out with us, and what kind of gadget you’re using. It’s all about making your time with us as enjoyable as a lazy Sunday brunch.

Why We Collect

  • Tailor-Made Experience: We get to know your tastes to sprinkle your TowneLaker experience with more of what makes you smile.
  • Sprucing Up Our Space: Your feedback is like our North Star, guiding us in polishing and primping our content and services.
  • Chit-Chat: We use your info to drop you a line about the happenings in Towne Lake, from policy updates to heartwarming stories.

Keeping Your Secrets Safe: Think of us as the Fort Knox of your info. We’ve got layers of security to keep your details under lock and key. But remember, the internet is a wild place, and we’re doing our best with the tools we have.

Just Between Us

Your secrets aren’t for sale – not to third parties, not to anyone. The only time we’d ever share your details is with our trusted partners who help make TowneLaker happen, and they’re sworn to secrecy too. If the law ever comes knocking, we’ll do what’s needed, but we’ll always keep your best interests at heart.

Exploring New Horizons

Occasionally, we might tip our hats to other cool sites or services we think you’d love. They’re on their own in the privacy department, so take a peek at their rules before diving in.

Questions? Comments? Love Letters? If you’ve got something on your mind, we’re all ears. Drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say “TowneLaker.”

Thanks for being the heart and soul of TowneLaker. We’re here because of you, and your privacy is as precious to us as our own. Here’s to many more stories, shared laughs, and moments together in our little slice of Woodstock.