YMCA Food Distribution Sustains Nearly 1,000 Cobb County Families Weekly

The McCleskey-East Cobb Family YMCA, led by dedicated volunteers like Gayle Battersby and Fran Cameron, plays a crucial role in addressing food insecurity among Cobb County residents. Each week, they distribute essential provisions to over 700 families across multiple locations in the county.

Gayle Battersby, the community engagement director at the YMCA, emphasizes the persistent issue of hunger in Cobb County, highlighting the profound impact their food distribution program has on local families. For many, this support is a lifeline, providing much-needed sustenance and relief from financial strain.

The initiative, which predates the pandemic, has become even more vital in recent times. At distribution points like Brumby Elementary School in Marietta, the YMCA serves a steady stream of more than 100 cars, offering a variety of nutritious items ranging from fruits and vegetables to bread.

Despite the challenges they face, Battersby and her team remain steadfast in their commitment to helping others. With over 40 years of experience at the YMCA, Battersby’s passion for community service drives her unwavering dedication to supporting those in need.

Their assistance extends beyond providing food staples; when Lariece Ward and her family tragically lost their home in a fire, the YMCA team wasted no time in offering additional support. By mobilizing resources for extra food and clothing, they exemplified their commitment to uplifting individuals and families facing adversity.

For Lariece Ward and countless others, the YMCA’s food distribution efforts offer more than just sustenance; they provide hope and reassurance during difficult times. As the cars come and go, the sense of urgency remains, underscoring the ongoing need to address food insecurity in the community.

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In the eyes of Gayle Battersby and her dedicated team, their work is not just a duty but a profound responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of others. As long as there are individuals and families in need, the YMCA remains steadfast in its mission to provide essential support and nourishment to the Cobb County community.

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