Alpharetta High School Prank Fest Takes Dangerous Turn

The Alpharetta Police Department has issued a warning after the annual high school prank fest, known as the “Junior/Senior Wars,” escalated into a perilous situation over the weekend. Authorities are urging parents to intervene and halt the pranks following concerning incidents.

Reports indicate that participating students donned ski masks and wielded realistic-looking Airsoft-type rifles while orchestrating orchestrated “attacks” on targeted peers at various locations. These Airsoft guns closely resemble real firearms, heightening the danger of the situation.

Local residents who encountered the students mistook their actions for genuine threats and promptly alerted emergency services, prompting police response to potential armed home invasions. Fortunately, law enforcement swiftly discerned the nature of the pranks and managed to avoid any injuries.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety stresses that the involved students are not typically troublemakers from outside the community. However, they urge parents to have candid conversations with their children about the potential risks associated with such activities.

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Moreover, authorities advise parents to exercise vigilance regarding Airsoft-type guns in their homes, ensuring they are safely stored and inaccessible to children. Parents are strongly cautioned against dismissing the possibility of their child’s involvement, emphasizing the importance of proactive intervention in such situations.

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