Imagination at Play

Recently, photographer Abigail Peyton visited the new downtown playground, located on the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village event green, with her children and took photos for us. She included some thoughts she had while watching families enjoy the playground.

Creative Play
“The way they designed the playground provides the perfect set up for imaginative play. Kids were using their imaginations building structures out of the foam blocks, and making playhouses in the area the designers specifically fashioned for kids to build different structures of their choice. They were even incorporating the big, blue foam blocks and poles as ‘furniture’ for their homes. I loved seeing kids getting excited to create.”

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Community and Teamwork
“I saw dads building with their kids, moms sliding down the big green turf slide with their children, whole families swinging on the hammocks, and children of all ages, who didn’t know each other, working together to build a playhouse. It was so neat to see people interacting and working together joyfully.”

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