Top Seafood Spots in Augusta: Diners’ Delightful Picks

Augusta, Georgia, boasts a variety of top-rated seafood restaurants that have earned high praise from diners for their delicious dishes, inviting atmospheres, and excellent service. Here are five of the highest-rated seafood restaurants in Augusta that you won’t want to miss:

  1. 8595 Restaurant & Bar: Known for its sophisticated ambiance and diverse menu, 8595 Restaurant & Bar offers a range of seafood dishes that keep diners coming back for more. Patrons appreciate the fresh ingredients and creative presentations, making it a standout choice for seafood lovers in the area.
  2. Sheehan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant: While primarily an Irish pub, Sheehan’s also serves up some fantastic seafood options. The friendly, casual atmosphere combined with expertly prepared seafood dishes has made it a favorite among locals. Whether you’re craving traditional Irish fare or something from the sea, Sheehan’s delivers.
  3. Abel Brown: This upscale Southern kitchen is celebrated for its refined take on seafood. Abel Brown offers a menu that highlights the best of regional ingredients with a focus on fresh, high-quality seafood. The elegant setting and top-notch service make it perfect for special occasions or a memorable night out.
  4. California Dreaming – Augusta: A popular choice for its robust menu and relaxed atmosphere, California Dreaming provides a variety of seafood dishes that satisfy diverse tastes. The consistent quality and generous portions make it a go-to spot for many seafood enthusiasts in Augusta.
  5. The Chop House – Augusta: Known for its steak and seafood offerings, The Chop House delivers an exceptional dining experience. Diners rave about the perfectly cooked seafood and the restaurant’s commitment to excellent service. Its warm, welcoming environment is ideal for enjoying a leisurely meal with friends and family.

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These restaurants represent the best of Augusta’s seafood scene, each offering something unique and delightful for seafood aficionados​.

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