Cobb County Food Service Inspection Scores Revealed

Recent inspections by the Georgia Department of Public Health have unveiled a spectrum of scores for food service facilities across Cobb County, shedding light on their adherence to health and safety standards.

At the Hilton Garden Inn – Atlanta Marietta on Windy Hill Rd SE, the latest inspection resulted in a score of 83, indicating areas for improvement. Conversely, KSU’s Starbucks on Cobb Ave NW in Kennesaw achieved a perfect score of 100, showcasing exemplary compliance.

Aunties House on S Cobb Dr SE in Smyrna received an inspection score of 87, reflecting satisfactory conditions with minor concerns noted. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut # 39527 in Austell scored 99, demonstrating strong adherence to regulations during their evaluation.

Chop Chili, also located on S Cobb Dr in Smyrna, matched Starbucks with a flawless score of 100, highlighting their commitment to cleanliness and safety protocols.

Bethel Gardens – PCH in Powder Springs faced challenges with a score of 74, necessitating corrective actions to enhance their operational standards. Los Abuelos Mexican Grill in Marietta scored 90, indicating good compliance overall.

Touchdown Wings in Powder Springs earned an 88, showcasing commendable practices despite minor areas for improvement identified during inspection. However, Hong Kong City on S Cobb Dr SE in Smyrna received a score of 70, signifying critical deficiencies needing prompt resolution.

Lastly, Tea Leaf and Creamery in Austell achieved a perfect score of 100, underscoring their dedication to maintaining high standards in food safety and hygiene.

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These inspection scores serve as a vital transparency tool for consumers and a benchmark for establishments to continuously strive for excellence in food service operations. For further insights into specific scores and detailed inspection reports, visit the Georgia Department of Public Health’s inspection page.

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