Health Inspection Highlights: Church’s Chicken Scores 56, Steamhouse Lounge Achieves Perfect 100

In the latest health inspections, Augusta’s Church’s Chicken and Steamhouse Lounge received dramatically different scores, underscoring the critical importance of maintaining rigorous health standards in the restaurant industry.

Church’s Chicken, a fast-food chain known for its fried chicken, received a failing score of 56. The inspection report detailed several violations, including improper food storage temperatures, unsanitary food preparation areas, and employees neglecting hygiene protocols. These issues not only jeopardize food safety but also harm customer trust and the restaurant’s reputation. Regular patrons of this establishment might be concerned by these findings and may consider other dining options until necessary improvements are implemented.

Conversely, Steamhouse Lounge earned an impeccable score of 100. Renowned for its seafood and lively atmosphere, Steamhouse Lounge’s top score reflects its dedication to high standards of cleanliness and food safety. The inspection praised the restaurant’s excellent hygiene practices, proper food storage, and overall cleanliness of both dining and kitchen areas. This perfect score reassures existing patrons and attracts new customers seeking a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

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These inspection outcomes highlight the necessity for all restaurants to prioritize food safety and cleanliness. For diners, staying informed about health scores of local eateries is crucial for ensuring a safe dining experience. As Church’s Chicken addresses its violations, Steamhouse Lounge sets a gold standard for excellence in the Augusta dining scene.

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