Claiming a Share of Creative Crown

Did you know Atlanta was named the Most Creative City in the United States last year? To determine this, a study by Workamajig analyzed the state of each city’s creative economy and atmosphere by looking at the “number of museums, artists and musicians, creative jobs in industries such as marketing, arts and design, as well as the number of film and music festivals per capita.”

Now, Woodstock might not be inside the perimeter, but we are comfortably nestled in the Atlanta metro area, so we will happily include ourselves as a contributor to the city’s creative reputation. With such a vibrant and thriving community of artists, Woodstock Arts is excited to be constantly creating platforms for locals to share their art.

we have two major opportunities in our visual arts gallery, The Reeves House, to celebrate our local artists. Back by popular demand, “Small Town: Small Works” returns Oct. 12-Dec. 12. Featuring artists who live within a 15-mile radius of Woodstock, this show will display works of art that are small in size but big in impact. The walls are filled to the brim, making it a huge celebration of our local art community. By bringing people together in a shared space to appreciate and discuss art, we hope to foster a sense of community and belonging, while also providing opportunities for connection and creative exchange.

After “Small Town: Small Works,” our focus shifts to fostering the next generation of artists who will help us maintain our stake in the Most Creative City honor. From Dec. 14-Jan. 14, we will feature our “Creative Kids!” exhibit, showcasing the incredible talent of our artists in grades K-12. By celebrating the next generation and providing a platform for children to show off their artistic talent, we are encouraging their creativity and inspiring them to continue pursuing their passion for art, while also providing an opportunity for the community to enjoy and appreciate the unique perspectives of our young artists.

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Art has an extraordinary way of transcending boundaries and building bridges between people. It sparks emotions and opens conversations that otherwise might have remained unspoken. Through our visual arts initiatives, we aim to cultivate a sense of unity and openness within our community, while putting our artists’ talents on display. Make sure you join us at The Reeves House to connect with your local arts community.

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