Honoring K-9 Edo: A Memorial to an Unwavering Companion

Departing on April 5th, K-9 officer Edo has tragically passed away, causing the Roswell Police Department to mourn the loss of one of its own. Edo, an individual of Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd ancestry who was born in Hungary on March 16, 2019, became an integral part of the police department staff as soon as he was admitted in August 2020.

The department was stunned by Edo’s untimely demise, as he had been diagnosed with an aggressive strain of cancer while undergoing medical emergency treatment. Edo’s condition deteriorated notwithstanding the diligent endeavors of his handlers and veterinarians. Ultimately, he transitioned serenely across the rainbow bridge, enveloped in the affection and fondness of his fellow workers.

During his entire term with the Roswell Police Department, Edo performed the duties of a dual-purpose K-9 officer in conjunction with Officer Peter MacDonald. Edo’s exhaustive training in criminal apprehension, narcotics detection, tracing, building investigations, and evidence recovery distinguished him as a department and community asset.

All who knew Edo admired and respected him on account of his unwavering loyalty to Officer MacDonald and the citizens of Roswell, as well as his devotion to his responsibilities. Edo enthusiastically undertook each endeavor, including drug detection, suspect apprehension, and benevolence towards individuals requiring solace.

In light of the tragic demise of their devoted colleague, the Roswell Police Department finds comfort in the understanding that Edo’s enduring legacy shall endure in the recollections of those whom he served. His altruistic commitment to duty and contributions to law enforcement will be eternally commemorated and revered.

The department conveyed their profound anguish over the demise of Edo and offered sincere condolences to Officer MacDonald and his family in a statement. In addition to expressing gratitude for Edo’s years of service and companionship, they recognized the substantial influence he exerted on the department and the community.

While Edo is no longer physically present in Roswell, those who had the honor of knowing him will perpetually be motivated by his spirit. As his comrades lament his existence and enduring impact, they are prompted to acknowledge the deep connection that exists between a K-9 officer and his human companion—a connection founded upon reliance, allegiance, and resolute commitment to the exigency of duty.

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K-9, rest in serenity. Edo. Although time may have passed, the remembrance of you will endure in the hearts of all who knew and cherished you.

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