Plan to Relocate and Restore a Historic Log Cabin Approved by Cobb County

As an effort to safeguard a significant historical artifact of Cobb County, the Cobb Board of Commissioners has approved a proposal to relocate and restore the Power-Jackson Cabin, an esteemed historic log cabin situated in the eastern region of the county. By allocating over $300,000 towards this undertaking, the cabin, which is estimated to be older than 1840, will be safeguarded against the detrimental effects of deterioration and encroachment by development.

The endorsement represents a substantial triumph for the Cobb Landmarks, an organization dedicated to historic preservation that has fought for almost a decade to safeguard the Power-Jackson Cabin. Efforts to protect the structure have been heightened in light of potential dangers presented by rezoning requests and proposed developments, such as the recent proposition for a 20-home development situated on the present location of the cabin.

Upon the relocation and restoration plan being approved under the special-purpose local-option sales tax program of 2011, the cabin will be situated at Hyde Farm in east Cobb, where it will be integrated with other historically significant edifices in the vicinity. The decision was reached after extensive deliberation and cooperation among Cobb Landmarks, the county, and restoration specialists, including the Franklin-based organization entrusted with the project, Leatherwood, Inc.

In spite of initial apprehensions regarding the cabin’s declining state, professional evaluations validated its salvageability, thereby enabling Cobb Landmarks to organize a coordinated fundraising initiative to finance the costs associated with its relocation. The acquisition of the required funds was made possible by the assistance of the community, allowing the cabin to commence its voyage to Hyde Farm.

After undergoing the necessary restoration, the cabin will function as a physical representation of Cobb County’s abundant heritage and a significant reminder of its bygone era. By virtue of the county’s dedication to post-restoration building maintenance, this historic landmark will continue to provide future generations with the chance to learn from and appreciate it.

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The restoration and relocation of the Power-Jackson Cabin serves as a prime illustration of the collective effort and commitment to safeguarding the cultural heritage of Cobb County. The progression of the project underscores the significance of preserving and safeguarding our collective heritage to ensure that these revered landmarks persist in motivating and enhancing our community for the benefit of future generations.

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