In Mourning, The Roswell Police Department loses Cherished K-9 Edo Following a Battle with Cancer

The Roswell Police Department conveyed a heartfelt moment of sorrow when it reported the demise of K-9 Edo, an esteemed member who had courageously battled cancer. Since August 2020, Edo, a devoted service dog, had been in the company of Officer Peter MacDonald, bequeathing a lasting heritage of steadfast devotion and camaraderie.

Edo, an unwavering community servant and a cross between Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd, was born in Hungary in March 2019 and subsequently enrolled at the Roswell Police Department. A remarkable amalgamation of abilities, including narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, tracing, building inspections, and evidence recovery, characterized his collaboration with Officer MacDonald. Due to his exceptional skill set in these domains, Edo contributed significantly to the department’s law enforcement endeavors.

Sadly, Edo’s service was terminated when, during an unexpected medical emergency, he was diagnosed with an aggressive and extensive form of cancer. Edo died serenely, surrounded by cherished family members and friends, in spite of the veterinary team’s ceaseless efforts and the police family’s steadfast support.

The community and the Roswell Police Department were profoundly affected by Edo’s demise. His unwavering loyalty and courage, in conjunction with his steadfast commitment to duty, made a lasting impression on all individuals who had the honor of collaborating with him. Edo’s demise is a loss for the community he distinguishedly served as well as the department.

The Roswell Police Department conveyed deep condolences in a statement regarding the tragic demise of their cherished K-9 officer. “He served the Roswell community with valor and steadfastness, and will be sorely missed,” the department said, echoing the sentiments of all who had the pleasure of knowing and admired Edo.

As the department and community lament Edo’s departure, his memory stands as a poignant testament to the police K-9s’ altruistic service and the sacrifices they have made in the course of their duties. The significance of the influence Edo had on the Roswell Police Department and the relationship he shared with Officer MacDonald highlight the critical importance of K-9 units in law enforcement and the deep bonds they develop with their operators and the communities they serve.

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The Roswell Police Department extends its condolences to Edo, a valiant and devoted team member whose enduring legacy stands as a testament to an unwavering dedication to duty and service.

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