Georgia Back To School Sales Tax Holiday

School start times vary depending on the state and county that one lives in. States in the north, such as Michigan, do not start school until after Labor Day. In Cherokee County, school starts on August 3rd for many students. Even without the start of the school year associated with Labor Day in Georgia, there is a popular holiday that parents and students anticipate at the beginning of the school year. The Georgia Sales Tax Holiday will take place this year over a period of 48 hours on Friday, July 31, and Saturday, August 1. It is important to plan ahead in an effort to take full advantage of this once a year opportunity.

Shop the Sales

Some retail establishments have been preparing for the upcoming tax free holiday with special advertisements and sales. Taking the time to compare fliers, online sales, and electronic newsletter specials may lead to savings in addition to tax free shopping.  

CHICAGO – AUGUST 29: Back-to-school signs are displayed in a Target store August 29, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. Public schools in Chicago are set to open September 5. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Eligible Items

It is important to note that not all items are eligible for tax free savings. Take a close look at what items are eligible for tax free status at the Department of Revenue guide. This helpful resource assists in determining which items are taxable and which items qualify as tax free. Many back to school items such as school supplies, clothing, and shoes are included. However, there are plenty of items that are not included on the list. 

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Georgia is one of only 16 states with a tax free holiday. This weekend is sure to be a busy one with traffic and shoppers out in full force around the shopping centers. 

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