Cobb Parkway Collision Near Town Center Mall Injuries Five People

A terrifying turn of events occurred on Sunday night when a collision occurred on Cobb Parkway, close to Town Center Mall. Five people were hurt, including a 10-year-old and a teenager, two of whom were critically injured. One driver’s injuries were potentially fatal. Information on the event, including what happened just before the crash, was released by the Cobb County Police Department.

The incidents transpired when Dallas resident Joshual Scott, 22, was driving a black 2012 Nissan 350Z north on Cobb Parkway. A representative for Cobb Police, Officer Shenise Barner, stated that Benjamin Tillery, 36, of Stone Mountain, was driving a 2022 Hyundai Elantra that was traveling south on Cobb Parkway when it attempted to turn left onto Progressive Way.

Sadly, as the Hyundai turned left, it got in the way of the Nissan that was approaching from behind. Based on Barner’s statement, the aftermath of the collision had the front left corner of the Nissan connecting with the front right part of the Hyundai.

The automobiles swerved apart after the impact. Following its collision with a traffic signal pole, the Nissan resumed its northward track until coming to an abrupt halt. Alternatively, the Hyundai had a circular reroute, proceeding northwest on Cobb Parkway until it stopped in the right lane.

Rescue personnel raced to the area following the collision. Significant injuries were sustained by both the 10-year-old passenger in the Hyundai and the 19-year-old Kennesaw resident Rameen Talha, who was riding in the Nissan. Both passengers were taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. In addition to being flown to Kennestone by ground ambulance, Tillery, the Hyundai’s driver, suffered potentially fatal injuries. Injuries also befell Scott, the Nissan’s driver, who was brought to Kennestone.

To round out the number of those impacted by the crash, Barner also reports that Bernice Rolax, a 38-year-old Marietta resident, was another passenger in the Hyundai who was taken to Kennestone for medical attention.

Authorities are calling on anyone with pertinent information to come forward as they have launched an inquiry into the event. At 770-499-3987, the Cobb County Police Department invites anybody with information that might help in the investigation.

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All people concerned are in the community’s thoughts and prayers as they deal with the aftermath of the collision, and everyone hopes that the wounded parties will heal well and quickly.

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