Atlanta Eats: 5 Local Markets for Delicious On-the-Go Meals

We’ve all done it—finished grocery shopping and realized we’re too hungry to cook. Atlanta has several great locally-owned markets where you can buy food and eat well. Lana Harris from Atlanta News First and food writer Joey Weiss explored five such markets where you can buy everything you need and more in this week’s Atlanta Eats.

Our first stop is a local favorite with fresh veggies, exquisite cheeses, and gourmet sandwiches. Next, we visited a delightful market with delicious handmade soups, salads, and pastries. Remember the market’s outstanding range of Mediterranean and Asian-inspired delicacies.

We also visited a relaxed market with a range of grab-and-go alternatives for lunch or supper on the fly. Finally, we visited a store that sources the best local ingredients for its freshly made meals, guaranteeing every mouthful is flavorful and high-quality.

These markets are known for their great cuisine and support of local suppliers and artists. You may have a delicious meal and support the Atlanta community by shopping and dining at these locally owned businesses.

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After a shopping run, why not bypass the drive-thru and visit one of these five locally owned stores for a fast and great meal? Their wide menu, kind warmth, and excellence promise satisfaction and a new respect for Atlanta’s dynamic culinary scene.

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