20-Year-Old Cleared of Hit-and-Run Charge in Bicyclist Crash

After initial suspicion, a 20-year-old driver, William James Abbott, has been exonerated of a felony hit-and-run charge in connection with a crash involving a 78-year-old bicyclist. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office dropped the charge following new evidence suggesting another vehicle was involved in the incident on March 3 along Towne Lake Parkway.

The bicyclist sustained life-threatening injuries, remaining in serious condition as of the latest update. Despite Abbott’s arrest on the day of the incident, traffic investigators discovered fresh evidence at the crash scene, indicating the involvement of a different vehicle.

Initially, multiple witnesses had implicated Abbott, reporting a silver passenger vehicle matching his description. Subsequent investigations led deputies to a vehicle fitting the description, which had apparently been in the vicinity of the incident. Abbott had admitted to removing a bumper and concealing it in a nearby park, a mere 0.1 miles from the crash site.

The sheriff’s office clarified that, based on available eyewitness accounts, scene evidence, Abbott’s statements, and his vehicle’s condition, there was probable cause for the initial arrest.

However, ongoing investigations have since uncovered a second vehicle believed to have been involved in the collision with the cyclist. As of now, no charges have been filed in connection with this discovery.

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Although Abbott still faces charges of reckless driving and using a wireless device while driving, he is no longer implicated in the crash that injured the cyclist. Having posted bond, Abbott was released from jail on March 3, marking a turn in the legal proceedings as authorities continue to pursue leads in the ongoing investigation.

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