Young Thug’s Lawyer Dodges Jail Time Amid Controversial RICO Trial

Young Thug’s high-profile RICO case took another twist as his lawyer, Brian Steel, narrowly avoided jail time. Held in contempt by Judge Ural Glanville, Steel was rescued by the Georgia Supreme Court’s emergency bond, just in time to keep him out of jail for the upcoming weekends.

The rapper, born Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams, faces serious charges including conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, alongside gang, drug, and gun offenses. Prosecutors accuse him of leading the Atlanta-based street gang YSL, implicated in crimes ranging from murder to armed robbery.

Steel’s contempt charge arose on June 7 after he claimed an “unconstitutional” meeting occurred between Judge Glanville, prosecutors, and Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland, YSL’s star witness. Steel’s refusal to disclose his source of this information led to his contempt ruling.

While the Georgia Supreme Court’s decision allows Steel to remain free during his appeal, the case itself remains fraught with complexities. Copeland, initially refusing to testify and invoking the Fifth Amendment, eventually returned to court to detail his ties to YSL.

The case, marked as potentially the longest in Georgia’s history, includes numerous setbacks, such as a defendant being stabbed in jail and an attorney arrested on gang-related charges. Notably, lyrics from Young Thug’s songs have been used as evidence, a move the defense decries as racist.

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Judge Glanville has repeatedly denied Young Thug bond, citing threats to witnesses and community danger. With additional legal challenges looming, this trial could extend well into 2025, keeping the spotlight on Fulton County’s judicial system.

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