Explosive Revelations: Former Prosecutor Says Trump Will Face Trial Even If Reelected

In a bombshell interview with CNN, former special prosecutor Nathan Wade confidently asserted that Donald Trump will “absolutely” face trial in Georgia’s 2020 election subversion case, even if he wins a second term as president. Wade, who resigned in March amid allegations of an improper romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, stated, “I do believe that he can” be put on trial while in office.

The unprecedented legal scenario remains untested, but Wade anticipates significant legal maneuvers if Trump wins the 2024 election. Despite their personal controversy, Wade maintains he did nothing to jeopardize the case.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently paused the case, delaying any trial until at least March 2025. Willis has moved to dismiss the appeal, arguing it lacks sufficient evidence. Trump’s defense, led by Steve Sadow, criticized this as a “last ditch effort.”

Wade refuted claims that his relationship with Willis delayed the trial, emphasizing, “This prosecution has everything to do with the rule of law.” His resignation followed Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling that either he or Willis must step aside due to the “odor of mendacity” surrounding their relationship.

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The legal drama continues as the nation watches closely.

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