Wheelchair Druggies Shine at Kennesaw Skate Park Event

Swift- Cantrell Park in Kennesaw, Georgia, was a scene of joy and exhilaration on Saturday as wheelchair druggies gathered for a unique skateboarding event. Hosted by Life Rolls On, a nonprofit devoted to empowering people with disabilities through adaptive sports, the event marked its ninth successive time, drawing actors from across the metro Atlanta area and beyond.

Life Rolls On is famed for its public series of adaptive sporting events, which include surfing, skating, and fishing, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individualities with disabilities.” What they do is they bring these adaptive events each over the country to show people with disabilities that we can still do stuff,” explained Clint Cook, administrative director of Life Rolls On Atlanta. He proudly noted that nearly 60 wheelchair druggies shared in the skateboarding event, the loftiest attendance since the outbreak of the COVID- 19 epidemic.

The grind demesne was alive with energy as actors, ranging from beginners to seasoned suckers, took turns maneuvering through ramps and rails. Cody Appleton from Calhoun, Kentucky, was one of the levies aiding actors. He pushed wheelchair druggies up and down ramps, emphasizing the event’s binary purpose enjoyment and practical literacy.” They suppose they are out there having a good time, but they are really learning,” Appleton said.

One of the highlights of the day was Jacob Lee from Griffin, who worked with Appleton to master grinding his wheelchair down a rail.” He’s helping me pull off a lot of( stuff) that I did n’t suppose I ’d be suitable to do, so I ’m formerly exhilarated and happy beyond measure,” Lee participated. His thing was to perfect the trick by the end of the day, seeing it as a skill that would enhance his mobility in less accessible surroundings.

near, Savannah Reid of Kennesaw was steel herself up to attack a ramp. Having shared for three times, Reid described the experience as a blend of fear and fun, reflective of the courage and determination participated by numerous attendees. aiding her was Caitlin Jones, a Marietta- grounded physical therapist who leads the spinal cord injury program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.” It’s amazing just getting out then and helping people push to what they ’re able of and beyond,” Jones remarked.

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The event not only handed a platform for actors to engage in sports but also served as a important memorial of the broader possibilities in life. Cook added up the morality of the day” Just because you ’re impaired does n’t mean you have to sit around the house all day. You can come out and be part of life.” This sentiment reverberated deeply with attendees, buttressing the notion that physical limitations don’t define one’s capability to share laboriously and joyfully in the world.

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