Ahead Renovations Time to Revitalize Woodstock’s Towne Lake Plaza

Key shopping center Towne Lake Plaza on Towne Lake Parkway is about to undergo a major makeover thanks to the majority approval of remodeling plans by the Woodstock City Council. The April 22 decision approves renovations that are expected to improve the 28,000 square foot shopping area at 150 Towne Lake Parkway in terms of both appearance and usefulness.

Lead by SSP Towne Lake, LLC, represented by Parks Huff, the rehabilitation project was granted the required exceptions from the Land Development Ordinance’s Downtown District Standards by the city. These variations make possible the architectural and site changes necessary to modernize the plaza, which was built in the 1990s.

The shopping center’s outside façade will be modernized as part of the planned upgrades. The center’s position in the neighborhood is defined by its structural elements, which are also being improved with this renovation. Significant improvements to the parking lot are planned to go along with the facade improvements, enhancing customer safety and accessibility. The current outside eating spaces will also get a makeover in an effort to draw in more customers and improve the shopping and eating experience.

To further enhance the growth of the neighborhood, the City Council had already given its approval in June to the building of a new 3,580 square foot restaurant next to the shopping complex. Owner of the same company as Towne Lake Plaza and managed by Brian Kay for Atwell, this restaurant is anticipated to enhance the shopping area and add to a cohesive and enticing entrance to downtown Woodstock along Towne Lake Parkway.

This group of development projects is a part of a larger plan to improve the entrance to Woodstock so that both locals and tourists have a good first impression as soon as they arrive. It is expected that the new restaurant and the remodeled commercial center would work in concert to increase local business and raise awareness of the area.

Among the varied mix of businesses at Towne Lake Plaza are Dive Georgia – Atlanta Scuba, Snorkel, and Travel Center, Maxwell’s Cigar Bar, Polish Lounge Nail Spa, and The Blue Ghost Arcade. Along with offering services through companies like State Farm and Towne Lake Food Mart, the complex also features restaurants like Gyro Aegean Grill. Further reviving the shopping district, the refurbishment may raise tenant satisfaction and draw in new companies to the hitherto empty spaces.

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City Manager Jeff Moon said that work on the project is likely to start soon and was upbeat about the timetable. With these improvements, Towne Lake Plaza is expected to grow into a much more active component of Woodstock’s business community, offering both residents and tourists a better place to shop and eat.

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