Two Men Indicted in Kennesaw Murder Case Due to a Fatal Shooting Linked to a Drug Deal

Two men have been indicted on multiple charges in Kennesaw, Georgia, in a tragic turn of events that ensued after they were allegedly involved in a fatal gunshot. Mid-March saw the occurrence on McGuire Drive that culminated in the demise of Sanifu Henry, age 21.

The Cobb County Police Department promptly commenced an investigation subsequent to the occurrence of the shooting. Reports indicate that police were dispatched to the location shortly after midnight on March 15 in response to reports of gunfire and an injured individual. However, officers discovered no victims at the scene upon their arrival. It was subsequently ascertained that Henry, having independently reached a medical facility, died there from the injuries he sustained.

As a result of the inquiry, Zier Xzavier Green and Re’Shard Marquis Lee were apprehended. The suspects initially stated that they were in the area to carry out a narcotic transaction. Nevertheless, additional police inquiry unveiled a more malevolent intent. Channel 2 Action News was apprised by authorities that Green and Lee’s true intention was to plunder Henry and his companion, an attempt that sadly culminated in the exchange of gunfire.

The grand jury’s indictment of the two suspects illuminated the gravity of the accusations levied against them. Three counts of felony homicide, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit armed robbery, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony are among the seven allegations against Green and Lee, respectively.

Particularly since the revelation that the victim, Henry, had relocated to Georgia from California in an attempt to flee the state’s endemic gun violence, this case has captivated the local community. The irony of his demise—his bereaved mother reportedly attributed it to a misunderstanding concerning spinach and oregano—establishes the irrational character of such acts of violence.

This incident has caused significant distress in the Kennesaw community and its environs, instigating dialogues regarding the widespread occurrence of gun violence and the illicit drug trade within ostensibly tranquil residential zones. This case underscores not only the persistent challenges associated with drug-related offenses but also the catastrophic consequences that firearms in illicit activities can inflict.

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The legal proceedings are closely observed by the community and Henry’s family, who are both hopeful that Sanifu Henry will receive justice. Beyond the alleged criminal actions of Green and Lee, it is probable that their trial will also function as a critical examination of larger societal issues that contribute to the occurrence of catastrophes of this nature.

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