Father Charged with Antifreeze Poisoning Newborn Breastmilk

In Georgia, a man is facing serious charges for poisoning his newborn’s breastmilk with antifreeze. South Fulton police say parent Curtis Jack faces 50 years in prison for his conduct.

On October 1, 2020, Jack took two bottles of breastmilk from his child’s mother, causing unease. WANF reports that the wife was hospitalized after their daughter’s September birth.

Jack gave the milk to the baby’s grandma. Tragically, the baby became seriously unwell 24 hours after drinking the milk. She miraculously survived, although she suffered greatly.

Jack admitted to detectives that he purposely injected antifreeze to breastfeeding, startling them. His confession revealed a horrific chain of events, including his alleged compulsion of the woman to terminate a prior pregnancy after learning of her illness.

Jack was found guilty of criminal attempt to kill and first-degree cruelty to children after a trial. Jack received a shocking 50-year sentence, 40 of which were in prison.

Jack’s misdeeds and their consequences show how depraved people can be. Intentionally poisoning an innocent infant is immoral and should result in fast and harsh legal penalties.

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As the judicial procedure progresses, the goal is to provide the victim justice and punish such horrible conduct. The case underscores the need to protect the most vulnerable and bring criminals accountable.

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