To Improve Emergency Services, Cherokee County Acquires New Ambulances

Cherokee County has authorized a notable investment in public safety infrastructure with the procurement of twelve additional ambulances, with the intention of enhancing its emergency response capabilities. The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners promptly and unequivocally approved this resolution on April 2, showcasing a steadfast dedication to guaranteeing its inhabitants the utmost quality of medical emergency services.

Commissioner Corey Ragsdale was conspicuously absent during the session in which the approval was granted. However, the request put forth by the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services (CCFEMS) for the acquisition of twelve Type I ambulances was approved by the remaining commissioners. Departing Ten-8 Fire and Safety LLC, the contract is valued at approximately $4.9 million, or $380,000 per ambulance.

By incorporating a Stryker power load system into each ambulance, for an additional expenditure of $30,000 per vehicle, this acquisition signifies a substantial technological advancement rather than a simple expansion of the fleet. Such systems represent a significant advance in responder safety and patient care by facilitating the secure and efficient transfer of stretchers into ambulances. In sum, $4,920,000 is the aggregate expenditure under the agreement with Ten-8, which comprises $4,560,000 for the ambulances and an extra $360,000 for the power load systems.

The upgrade is underpinned by a deliberative and progressive strategy. The purchase of these twelve ambulances is scheduled to commence immediately by CCFEMS. Should funding become available, the organization may also consider acquiring an additional three ambulances within the subsequent six years. The installment schedule is staggered, requiring the initial four ambulances to be delivered within a period of 28 months, four additional ambulances within 32 months, and the last four ambulances by the deadline of 36 months.

To improve emergency services, Cherokee County acquires new ambulances

Furthermore, the phased approach incorporates a “bump-down” strategy for the current fleet, whereby ambulances with the most significant mileage will be retired and transferred to reserve status. This will guarantee that the department functions with the most dependable and efficient equipment that is currently accessible.

As an expression of community support for the improvement of emergency medical services, this substantial investment is financed through the 2024 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax budget. Prioritizing the health and safety of its residents above all else, this action demonstrates Cherokee County’s commitment to sustaining an advanced emergency response system.

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With an eye towards the future, the newly acquired ambulances serve as more than mere transportation means for Cherokee County. They embody an unwavering dedication to delivering prompt, dependable, and sophisticated emergency services to the local populace, thereby guaranteeing a more secure and adaptable milieu for every resident.

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