Ball Ground Highway Rezoning Approved by Cherokee County for Industrial Development

Cherokee County has implemented a notable measure to promote economic expansion and enhance the composition of the regional economy: the rezoning of a specific area of land to accommodate prospective industrial purposes. A zoning application for a 14.26-acre tract situated at 3953 Ball Ground Highway, in the vicinity of Canton, was unequivocally approved by the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners at their meeting on April 2. This ruling creates the opportunity for the light industrial development of the land, which was previously designated for estate residential use.

With the absence of County Commissioner Corey Ragsdale, the reclassification initiative, which was initiated by the county, was approved by a vote of 4-0. Situated in the “workplace center” character area, this particular parcel is under the ownership of Tea Properties, LLC. Gaining this designation is crucial in comprehending the county’s strategic plan for the area, which primarily entails the construction of office-type structures, industrial, and economic ventures, with potential residential inclusions.

The significance of this rezoning endeavor was emphasized by Chairman Harry Johnston. Contrary to the prior proposals for apartment zoning that the county had received for this site, he emphasized that the area is predominantly intended for industrial and economic development. The county intends to direct development in a manner consistent with its long-term economic goals through the proactive rezoning of the property to light industrial.

“According to Johnston, this character area is designated for economic and industrial growth.” Although residential initiatives may yield certain benefits, the principal objective is to promote economic growth. Our vision does not align with the apartment zoning requests that have been submitted for this location. We are clearly defining the type of development that we wish to promote through this rezoning.”

This choice exemplifies the overarching approach of Cherokee County in enticing industries and businesses that can enhance the region’s economic resilience and diversity. The county ensures that future economic prospects are established in addition to addressing its present requirements by designating land for light industrial use. It is anticipated that the initiative will induce investments that have the potential to generate employment opportunities, improve regional infrastructure, and make a positive contribution to the tax revenue of the county.

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Such decisions will have a significant impact on the economic landscape of Cherokee County as it continues to expand. Evidently, the county’s dedication to strategic, growth-oriented development that harmonizes with the identity and requirements of the community is demonstrated by the rezoning of the Ball Ground Highway property.

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