Shocking Legal Drama: Trump’s Appeal in Georgia RICO Case Faces Major Setback

In a stunning legal twist, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has requested the dismissal of former President Donald Trump’s appeal in the halted Georgia racketeering (RICO) and election subversion case. The appeal, based on conflict of interest allegations involving District Attorney Fani Willis, is now under intense scrutiny.

On Wednesday night, Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney Donald Wakeford filed a motion in the Georgia Court of Appeals, arguing that the appeal lacked sufficient evidence. Wakeford pointed out that the trial court’s explicit factual findings had already dismissed the conflict of interest claims, which centered on Willis’s alleged romantic relationship with Special Assistant District Attorney Nathan Wade.

Wakeford criticized the defense’s argument, stating, “The problem with Appellants’ theory…is that it was not supported by the actual evidence they provided.” He emphasized that Georgia appellate courts rarely overturn trial court findings unless they are unequivocally incorrect. He also noted that Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee had determined Willis did not financially benefit from the case.

As Law&Crime reported, the Georgia Court of Appeals recently paused the case against Trump and others due to the ongoing disqualification efforts aimed at Willis. The appellate court’s decision to stay the case pending appeal outcomes is a significant setback for Willis, potentially delaying the trial process for years.

Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant, representing Trump campaign staffer Michael Roman, had filed the motion that revealed the alleged affair between Willis and Wade. Roman is accused of playing a crucial role in the fake electors scheme. The resulting allegations have disrupted Willis’s timeline for a swift trial.

The appellate court’s decision to intervene prolongs the legal battle, with potential implications for both the defense and the state. If Willis remains on the case, the defense is expected to appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. Conversely, if Willis is removed, the state faces the dilemma of appointing a new prosecutor or appealing to keep her on the case.

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As the legal drama unfolds, both sides continue to file motions and briefs, with the potential for oral arguments before the court, ensuring this high-stakes case remains in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

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