Serious Motorcycle Crash in Cobb County Leaves Two Injured

Worrying events happened on a calm Saturday morning in Cobb County, causing two people seriously hurt in a motorbike and car accident. There are worries about road safety in the area, so the local cops are actively investigating the crash.

Around 9:42 a.m., Ali Babar, 32, of Marietta, was riding his black 2016 Honda CB500 motorbike southbound on Canton Road when the accident happened. The dangerous event would happen at the intersection of his path with Farm Ridge Drive.

Meanwhile, Woodstock resident Marilyn Jensen, 90, was turning south on Canton Road. Jennifer was in the center turn lane, getting ready to make a left turn as she got close to the Farm Ridge Drive crossing. The tracks of Babar and Jensen fatally crossed at this point.

Officials say Jensen made a left turn into the motorcycle’s path, which accidentally caused the crash. Instead of avoiding the sudden obstacle, Babar’s motorbike crashed into the curb after hitting Jensen’s car. As a result of the impact, both Babar and Jensen were seriously hurt and needed medical help right away.

Initial rescuers quickly took both people to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital by ambulance, where they are currently getting medical care for their injuries. The seriousness of their injuries indicates how bad the crash was and how it may affect their health and well-being in the future.

The Cobb County Police Department is carefully looking into what happened in the incident. Along with looking at what happened before the crash, what both drivers did, and any road or external factors that may have played a part, they will also conduct an investigation. The objective is to reveal what caused the crash and put in place steps that could stop similar events from happening again.

Whatever happened is a stark warning of how important it is to be alert and follow traffic rules, especially at crossings where accidents are more likely to happen. Additionally, it shows that everyone who uses the road, including drivers, bikers, and walkers, needs to be careful and value each other’s space and safety.

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People in the community are hoping that Babar and Jensen get better quickly and completely while they wait for more information from the current probe.

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