Marietta Laundromat Shooting Over Money Dispute Rages

On Monday afternoon, a money dispute at the Qt Coin Laundry in Marietta became violent, injuring a 31-year-old guy and arresting a 71-year-old acquaintance.

The incident occurred at the 600-block Allgood Road laundry about 3:30 p.m. After hearing gunshots, Marietta police arrived and found the victim with an arm wound. He was sent to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

Initial investigations suggest the victim and 71-year-old Billie Higdon, a friend, fought. The fight was over money, which sadly escalated into violence, according to witnesses. Higdon allegedly discharged a revolver at the younger guy during the heated altercation, injuring him.

Marietta police quickly arrested Higdon for interrogation following the incident, advancing the investigation. Higdon may face charges, but authorities said they will decide after more investigation.

The exact circumstances of the incident are still unknown as authorities try to piece together the confrontation and firing. Law enforcement is investigating the argument’s purpose and the victim-shooter relationship.

The frightening episode highlights the dangers of unchecked arguments, especially when weapons are involved. It emphasizes the need for peaceful dispute resolution and control in emotional circumstances.

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The Marietta laundromat shooting investigation has left the town reeling from the shock of violence in a seemingly routine place. Despite the chaos, there is hope that justice will be done and preventative measures will be made. We’re thinking of the victim as he recovers and law enforcement as they investigate this disturbing incident.

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