Recognizing Change: Six Alumni in the Cobb County Drug Treatment Court Program Shine

Six people graduated from Cobb County’s Drug Treatment Court program on a memorable event filled with tears, laughter, and heartfelt tales of redemption. Judges, officials, and loved ones crowded the courthouse for this event, which demonstrated the effectiveness of justice reform initiatives and the community’s resolve to treat substance use disorders with rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

An alternate route for those battling substance misuse is the Drug therapy Court program, which offers an intense 18–24 month program that includes close supervision, evidence-based therapy, and continuous recovery support. The grads’ journey has been life-changing, giving them a renewed sense of potential and optimism.

One graduate spoke about their experience, saying, “Before the program, I did not give the future much thought. Drug court has changed my life.” All I wanted was to avoid going to jail. I feel like there is no limit now. I have achieved feats I could only have imagined doing.” This feeling is a reflection of the program’s significant influence on participants’ lives, which has enabled them to see a better future free from the burden of addiction.

Judge Kimberly A. Childs, the presiding officer of the Superior Court, is leading the charge in this revolutionary process with the help of a committed multidisciplinary team. The success of the graduates is cited by Judge Childs as evidence of the efficacy of evidence-based recovery and treatment programs in the criminal justice system. She notes that the graduates are now clean, independent, and contributing members of society, expressing pleasure in the community’s dedication to helping those with substance use disorders turn their lives around.

As she considers the successes of the Drug Treatment Court initiative, Judge Childs emphasizes the necessity of stakeholders’ continual support and involvement to guarantee the program’s sustained success. Contact Porsha Middlebrook, the coordinator, if you would want additional details about the program or would like to offer assistance.

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These six people’s graduation signifies not only a victory for the community at large but also a personal one for each graduate. Cobb County shows its dedication to encouraging good change and assisting people on their journey to recovery and redemption by adopting a rehabilitative approach to combating substance misuse. These graduates, as they begin the next phase of their lives, are a source of inspiration and hope for those facing comparable obstacles.

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