After pandemic, Cobb and Marietta schools stabilize enrollment

COVID-19 epidemic reduced student enrollment in Cobb and Marietta school districts, but enrollment has stabilized. On March 7, Cobb Schools had 106,580 kids and Marietta City Schools 8,692.

Students dropped most between March 2020 and March 2021, when the epidemic caused severe disruptions. Randy Scamihorn, Cobb Board of Education Chairman, attributed the decrease to families homeschooling, going to charter schools, or leaving the district. In March 2020, Cobb Schools had 111,707 kids; in March 2021, 107,068.

Marietta City Schools fell somewhat. They decreased 2.4% from 8,727 students in March 2020 to 8,523 in 2021. Marietta numbers have fluctuated between 8,690 and 8,696 since then.

Marietta City Schools superintendent Grant Rivera attributes enrollment stability to staff devotion and excellence. He said the district wants to make pupils feel loved and help them study.

In 2023, Cobb Schools added 27 pupils and in 2024, 105 students left. Scamihorn calls Cobb’s oscillations “infinitesimal” and credits the consistency to educational excellence and a competitive housing market. As the epidemic fades, he thinks the district’s stability shows its capacity to keep students.

Student counts done twice a year by the Georgia Department of Education determine state funding, therefore both districts’ enrollments are crucial. October counts decide two-thirds of district revenue, whereas March counts determine one-third.

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Despite real estate prices and interest rates that impact family choices regarding schooling and residence, both districts continue to alter and develop their education strategies to accommodate and attract children post-pandemic.

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