Prescription Fraud Suspect Identification Request from the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) is charging the public with identifying a man suspected of prescription fraud in connection with a recent incident that occurred at a Walmart in Cartersville. Submarine personnel at Walmart on Market Place Boulevard contacted deputies on February 16 with a tip regarding a possible fraudulent attempt to acquire medication.

The BCSO obtained prescription documentation from the unidentified individual in order to obtain ninety tablets of Percocet, also referred to as Oxycodone-acetaminophen, allegedly for a family member. In order to verify the order and assuage any suspicions of discrepancies, the pharmacy requested supplementary information.

The individual encountered the necessity for additional elucidation upon his return to retrieve the medication. The pharmacy personnel interrogated him; however, he vagranted the area prior to the attainment of a resolution. Following this, the pharmacy contacted the medical facility on the prescription with diligence. Neither the facility nor a patient by the name supplied had a record of an individual who was employed under the physician whose name appeared on the prescription.

The physician whose signature was forged on the prescription denied writing it and verified having no records of the patient in question, according to additional investigation. The aforementioned results highlight the increasing apprehension regarding prescription fraud, an issue that not only burdens the healthcare system but also poses substantial hazards to public health due to the possible improper use of potent medications.

This deceptive act has been taken seriously by the BCSO, which is currently engaged in an intensive effort to identify the suspect. Individuals who possess knowledge pertaining to the suspect’s identity have been urged to surface their concerns. To ensure the safety and integrity of pharmaceutical services and combat such fraudulent activities, community cooperation is vital.

Concerning potent medications such as Percocet, prescription fraud is an especially serious problem. Substance abuse, toxicity, and mortality are among the grave health complications that may result. Furthermore, these occurrences contribute to the opioid crisis that has an extensive impact on numerous communities throughout the United States.

Preventing fraud requires vigilance and community participation, as emphasized by the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office. The BCSO Criminal Investigations Division can be reached at (770) 382-5050 ext. 6098 for anyone who may have information pertaining to this case. The apprehension of perpetrators and the prevention of subsequent endeavors at prescription fraud are objectives of law enforcement with the aid of the community.

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The Sheriff’s Office maintains its commitment to protecting public health and adjudicating legal matters while this investigation persists, placing particular emphasis on the critical nature of precise and secure prescription procedures.

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