Personnel of Interest Are Besought by Cobb County Police in Fatal Shooting Investigation

Two individuals are the subject of active pursuit by Cobb County police on suspicion of possessing vital information pertaining to a fatal gunshot that transpired a month ago. Following the tragic demise of Curtis Coleman, 43, the incident has engendered a sense of bewilderment among the community and investigators alike, as they strive to ascertain the cause of the senseless loss.

On March 21, Coleman’s body was found fatally shot inside his vehicle located along Powers Ferry Road, approximately outside of I-285. Authorities have been unable to identify any suspects in relation to the crime despite their continued efforts. Nevertheless, two males who were captured on surveillance footage have been identified as suspects in the ongoing investigation.

As per the statement provided by Cobb County police spokesman Sergeant Eric Smith, the persons in question are not classified as suspects at this time. However, it is believed that they may have crucial information that could assist in elucidating the circumstances surrounding Coleman’s demise. The identities of the males, who were observed donning hoodies and denim in surveillance footage made public by the police, remain unknown to investigators.

Uncertainty surrounds the sequence of events that precipitated the fatal gunshot. Coleman is presumed to have been waved down by at least one suspect for undetermined motives. Regrettably, this confrontation reached its climax with firearms, which terminated Coleman’s life prematurely.

As Sgt. Smith described the incident as seemingly coincidental, he emphasized that the victim and the perpetrator do not appear to have had any prior connection. As detectives persistently reconstruct the sequence of occurrences preceding the shooting, Motive continues to elude grasp.

An additional level of enigma was introduced to the Coleman case when it was discovered in the parking lot of an Extended Stay America hotel in the 2200 block of Powers Ferry Road. Despite the prompt arrival of law enforcement, there were no individuals who could be identified as suspects at the location.

The profound bereavement and disbelief of Curtis Coleman’s cherished ones have reverberated throughout the community in the wake of his tragic passing. Coleman, who was described as a devoted father to two children, has tragically passed away, depriving his family of a cherished presence.

In an effort to assist Coleman’s family during this trying period, a GoFundMe pageant has been established. The campaign’s administrator, Chanel Wynn, has described Coleman as a compassionate person who was dearly cherished by all who knew him. The magnitude of Coleman’s demise and the profound anguish experienced by all individuals who had the honor of being acquainted with him are demonstrated through the fundraiser.

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The Cobb County Police Department continues its investigation into the death of Curtis Coleman and strongly encourages anyone with information concerning the whereabouts or identity of the individuals in question to report them to the department. For Coleman’s family to find closure and justice, the cooperation of the community is of the utmost importance.

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