Over 500 Events in 2024–25 Season at Woodstock Arts to Enhance Community

With an ambitious program of almost 523 events planned for its 2024–25 season, Woodstock Arts is well-positioned to provide an unmatched arts and culture experience. Executive Director Christopher Brazelton highlighted the organization’s strong dedication to using the arts to positively influence the community while outlining the extensive program during the most recent Morning INfluence meeting hosted by IN WDSTK.

Among the many things that are scheduled are concerts, theatrical plays, art shows, and educational initiatives. This wide range of offerings highlights the goal of Woodstock Arts, which is to provide the community with everyday meaningful art experiences. “We are committed to using the arts to significantly improve our community,” Brazelton told the gathering. His thanks went out to the staff, board, and about 200 volunteers who make the organization successful.

Major highlights of the next season include the Lantern Series, which will comprise a range of plays and art exhibitions planned all year long in addition to a number of concerts. The centers of these events will be the three primary locations of the organization, which are situated in the energetic center of downtown Woodstock: the Woodstock Arts Theatre, the Woodstock Arts Event Green, and the Reeves House Visual Arts Center.

Beyond entertainment, outreach and education are other goals of Woodstock Arts. With more than 1,100 students enrolled in classes all year round and 455 young participants anticipated for their summer camp programs, the organization boasts strong educational offerings. In addition, the RepTour, a repertory traveling company, encourages schoolchildren to write and present plays all throughout the county. Working with the Georgia Council for the Arts, this initiative alone has touched over 6,171 kids by providing free performances.

Economically speaking, Woodstock Arts has made a big difference. Working with 80% earned money and 20% contributed income, the organization has reportedly produced economic benefits for the area of $4.7 million. Highlighting the value of local spending in boosting regional economies, Brazelton said, “We strive to ensure that these dollars benefit our local community as much as possible.”

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Woodstock Arts seeks to strengthen and unite communities in addition to enriching individual lives by integrating the arts thoroughly into everyday life. The group is excited about extending an invitation to both locals and tourists to enjoy the transforming potential of the arts in Woodstock as the new season draws near. This was captured in Brazelton’s closing words, “We live to make art every day, and we hope you take pride in what we’re achieving here at Woodstock Arts.”

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