Georgia Celebrates New Millionaire with$ 1 Million Powerball Ticket vended in Marietta

Georgia’s rearmost lottery draw has turned up a new millionaire, thanks to a Powerball ticket that settled a$ 1 million prize in Saturday night’s delineation. The lucky ticket was bought at the Chevron Food Shop on 2243 Roswell Road in Marietta, a position now buzzing with excitement and curiosity about the identity of the new millionaire.

The Georgia Lottery verified the palm to Channel 2 Action News, noting that while the ticket didn’t hit the massive jackpot by matching all five figures plus the Powerball, the palm still represents a significant fiscal benediction for the lucky ticket holder. The jackpot for the coming delineation, which continues to grow due to no complete match this round, is now estimated at$ 164 million and will be over for heists on Monday night.

Actors in the lottery have the option to enhance their winnings with a point called Power Play, which for an fresh bone could have doubled the prize to$ 2 million. Unfortunately, the winner of this million- bone ticket didn’t conclude for this addition, missing out on doubling their winnings.

For those lucky enough to win a prize, the Georgia Lottery outlines specific way to claim winnings. Prizes under$ 600 can be fluently claimed at any lottery retailer. still, winnings over$ 600 bear a trip to the lottery headquarters or a quarter office, or the prize must be claimed by correspondence. Winners must complete a claim form and present a government- issued print ID along with a social security card to collect their prizes.

also, the rules for claiming prizes differ slightly depending on how the ticket was bought. Winners who bought their tickets online have 180 days from the draw to claim their prize. In discrepancy, those who buy instant tickets have a 90- day window from the ticket’s expiration date to make their claim.

As the community speculates about the identity of the new millionaire, excitement also builds for the forthcoming Powerball delineation. The appeal of the$ 164 million jackpot pledges to bring out hopeful actors looking to try their luck in landing the grand prize.

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Meanwhile, the Chevron Food Shop is enjoying its moment in the limelight as the selling point of the million- bone ticket, likely attracting further guests featuring of their big palm. This stroke of luck not only changes the life of one fortunate existent but also adds a thrilling chapter to Marietta’s original lore.
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