Man Pronounced Dead After 20-45 Foot Fall from Tree in Alpharetta

Alpharetta, GA – A tragic accident claimed the life of 51-year-old Manuel Moran, a skilled tree specialist, after he fell from a height of 20 to 45 feet while working on a tree in Alpharetta. The incident occurred around 8:40 a.m. on Broadwell Oaks Drive. Despite prompt medical attention, Moran was pronounced dead shortly after the fall.

Incident Details

The accident happened early Thursday morning, shocking the quiet residential neighborhood of Broadwell Oaks Drive. According to eyewitnesses, Moran was engaged in tree maintenance when he fell. The precise cause of the fall is still under investigation, with authorities examining whether it was due to equipment failure, structural issues with the tree, or other factors.

Emergency responders arrived quickly and administered immediate medical care before transporting Moran to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the extent of his injuries led to his death upon arrival.

Investigation and Safety Reminders

Local authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the exact circumstances surrounding Moran’s fall. Preliminary assessments suggest that a loss of balance or equipment malfunction might have contributed to the tragic incident. Safety experts emphasize the importance of adhering to rigorous safety protocols and using well-maintained equipment during tree maintenance tasks.

This tragic event underscores the inherent dangers associated with tree care work and serves as a poignant reminder for both professionals and homeowners to prioritize safety.

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Manuel Moran’s tragic death highlights the significant risks involved in tree maintenance and the crucial need for stringent safety measures. As the investigation into the incident continues, the community remains united in grief and support for Moran’s family, honoring his memory and contributions to the tree care profession.

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