Meet Whiskers: Cobb County Courier’s Charming Cat of the Day!

Today’s spotlight in the Cobb County Courier shines on Whiskers, a feline with a heart full of love and a personality as bright as his name. With a soft purr and a playful gaze, Whiskers invites you to “come closer so I can take a look at you … yes, you should adopt me!”

Whiskers is a delightful tabby, known for his striking green eyes and a coat that glistens in the sunlight. At just two years old, he embodies the perfect blend of youthful energy and a gentle spirit. Found wandering the streets of Marietta, Whiskers was rescued and brought to the Cobb County Animal Shelter, where he has been waiting for a forever home.

This charming cat is more than just a pretty face. Whiskers is affectionate and enjoys being around people, often curling up in laps or rubbing against your legs to show his affection. He is also quite the conversationalist, greeting visitors with a friendly meow and a flick of his tail. His playful antics, including chasing feather toys and pouncing on laser dots, provide endless entertainment.

Whiskers is looking for a loving family who can match his vibrant energy and offer him the attention he craves. He is good with children and other pets, making him a versatile addition to any household. Moreover, Whiskers has been neutered, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health, ensuring he’s ready to join his new family without delay.

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Adopting Whiskers means not just gaining a pet, but a loyal companion who will bring joy and warmth to your home. So, if you’re ready to open your heart and home, come meet Whiskers at the Cobb County Animal Shelter today. He’s waiting to take a look at you and decide that you’re the perfect match!

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