Large Shanty Festival Brings Tradition and Fun to Downtown Kennesaw in Thousands

The 48th annual Big Shanty Festival, one of the county’s greatest events, brought thousands of people to downtown Kennesaw, igniting enthusiasm and a sense of community. Cobb County’s high school marching bands and other organizations participated in a colorful parade to start the celebrations, which laid the groundwork for a day full of customs, entertainment, and community spirit.

The Big Shanty Festival’s chairman, Marlon Longacre, encapsulated the spirit of the occasion as a cherished, generation-spanning hometown custom. He underlined the festival’s function as a family-friendly event where families come together annually to take part in the fun and make lifelong memories. Longacre emphasized the festival’s dedication to aiding neighborhood projects and schools with its earnings.

Drawing a comparison between the Big Shanty Festival and the “Daytona 500 of Festivals,” Longacre emphasized the festival’s importance as the premier event that establishes the benchmark for subsequent events. Due to the festival’s lengthy history and stellar reputation as a must-see occasion, people travel from all over to Kennesaw to take advantage of the city’s special charm and friendliness.

Mayor Derek Easterling of Kennesaw remained positive and confident in the community’s ability to bounce back, even though bad weather was predicted. He underlined the significance of the festival in presenting Kennesaw’s lively spirit and the people’s will to overcome all challenges.

Those who attended the celebration shared Mayor Easterling’s excitement, delighting in the joyous mood and companionability. Through perusing the varied selection of exhibitors and indulging in regional fare and entertainment, attendees eagerly seized the chance to fully absorb the lively fervor of the celebration.

Connecting with friends, neighbors, and even former inhabitants who come back every year to take part in the festivities was, for many, the high point of the Big Shanty Festival. As guests honored beloved traditions and reminisced about past events, a sense of community and nostalgia pervaded the air.

As the day went on, it became clear that locals and visitors alike had a particular place in their hearts for the Big Shanty Festival. A day out with loved ones or the excitement of finding one-of-a-kind finds at vendor booths—the festival captured the spirit of small-town charm and warmth.

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With the sun setting on yet another prosperous Big Shanty Festival, friendships were rekindled, memories were created, and a strong sense of community persisted. It was a day to remember for everyone in attendance, demonstrating the enduring heritage of a cherished custom that unites and inspires generations to come.

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