Heroic Parents Foil Abduction Attempt, Protect Their 2-Year-Old Daughter

In a harrowing incident in Tarrant County, Texas, Paige and Carlos Ortiz demonstrated extraordinary courage and quick thinking to save their 2-year-old daughter from an abduction attempt. Here’s how it unfolded:

The Encounter: While returning home from Walmart, Paige noticed a blue truck following them. Initially dismissed by Carlos, the situation escalated when the stranger, later identified as Steven Bayse, approached Carlos while they were unloading groceries. Bayse’s odd behavior raised red flags for Carlos.

The Abduction Attempt: Bayse noticed the couple’s daughter playing in  the front yard and suddenly scooped her up. He boldly declared to Carlos, “You’re not the father of this child,” and attempted to flee with the toddler.

Parental Heroism: Paige sprang into action. She grabbed her phone to call 911 and a knife from the kitchen. Confronting Bayse, she shouted, “Let go of my daughter! You better put my daughter down or I will end your life!” Carlos joined the struggle, and together, they managed to rescue their daughter.

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The Escape: Bayse sped away, leaving Paige still holding the knife in the air. The Ortiz family’s determination and resourcefulness ensured their daughter’s safety.This heart-pounding incident highlights the unwavering love and protective instincts of parents

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