Scam Aimed at Veterans Is Prohibited by the Cobb County Superior Court

A firm purportedly involved in a fee scheme that specifically targets military veterans has been alerted to the public by the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk. The Clerk’s office issued a warning on Thursday, revealing that DD214 DIRECT was exploiting veterans through the imposition of filing fees for veterans’ documentation.

Cobb County Government’s social media channels reported that, in an effort to prevent this fraud, the Clerk’s office emphasized that it would not accept any documents submitted via DD214 DIRECT. According to the office’s clarification, it is required that the Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court promptly record and return records containing DD214 forms within a 15-minute timeframe, at no cost.

The Phoenix, Arizona-based DD214 DIRECT allegedly exploited veterans by charging fees ranging from $79 to $138 for filing documents and providing forms via email or hard copy, information that was brought to the attention of Connie Taylor, the Clerk of the Superior Court of Cobb County.

As a reiteration of the state law mandate to process the forms without charge, the clerk’s office insisted that it would not accept any filings from this company.

Sen. Jon Ossoff of Georgia has recently advocated for a federal investigation into organizations that exploit veterans by levying exorbitant processing fees for benefit applications. This cautionary notice was issued by the court clerk’s office in response to his campaign. Particularly since the U.S. Congress expanded eligibility for certain Veterans Affairs benefits in 2022, Ossoff noted an increase in “claim sharks” preying on veterans.

As opposed to the VA’s policy of permitting only accredited claims agents to submit claims on behalf of veterans without charging for initial claims, these companies, which frequently identify themselves as medical consultants or benefits coaches, allegedly charge exorbitant fees to file claims with the VA.

Emphasizing the need to end such exploitative practices and safeguard the rights of veterans, Senator Ossoff has requested that the Federal Trade Commission conduct an investigation into these businesses. Subsidiary to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution are matters within the jurisdiction of the FTC, which may also charge penalties.

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Reaffirming the dedication to guaranteeing that veterans receive the meritorious support and services without succumbing to fraud or exploitation, the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk emphasized the significance of veterans filing to maintain their benefits.

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