Georgia Parents Rally to Urge Governor Kemp’s Support for Summer EBT Program

In a grassroots movement gaining momentum, Georgia parents are petitioning Governor Kemp to reconsider his stance on the Summer EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) program. The initiative aims to provide crucial support to low-income families during the summer months when children lose access to school meals.

With the school year ending, many families face increased financial strain, making it difficult to afford nutritious meals for their children. The Summer EBT program, which provides eligible families with electronic vouchers to purchase food, has proven effective in addressing food insecurity and ensuring children receive adequate nutrition during the summer break.

However, Governor Kemp’s recent decision not to implement the program in Georgia has sparked outrage among parents and advocacy groups. They argue that denying access to this vital assistance will disproportionately affect vulnerable communities, exacerbating hunger and health disparities.

Parents have launched a petition urging Governor Kemp to reconsider his position and prioritize the well-being of Georgia’s children. They emphasize the importance of ensuring every child has access to nutritious meals year-round, regardless of economic status.

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The petition has garnered widespread support, with thousands of signatures and growing public awareness. Parents are hopeful that Governor Kemp will heed their concerns and take action to support struggling families by reinstating the Summer EBT program in Georgia.

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