Cobb County Road Project Worries Local Family Farm About Flooding

Sometimes the prospect of better infrastructure gives one optimism for more connectedness and easier travel. But the Lopez family in Cobb County has had a nightmare of a road building project to widen Macland Road, which has resulted in frequent floods on their property and substantial financial losses for their modest family farm.

Prior to the 2020 start of the Macland Road expansion project, the Lopez family lived peacefully on their property free from floods. But ever since the building got underway, they’ve been under constant floods as water spills out of a drainage pipe into their land.

Two by Two Farms owner Sonia Lopez shares her dissatisfaction and pain with the circumstances. She regrets the everyday battle she has to fight to control her rage and irritation when she sees how the flooding is hurting their property and way of life. The once-productive farm is currently struggling with muddy waters, which have made some of the field unusable and have Lopez keeping their livestock away from the flooded parts.

Reaction to the Lopez family’s attempts to solve the flooding issue has been negative. They feel disregarded and marginalised even after contacting the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and recording the frequent flooding occurrences. Lopez describes the pointless attempts to get help and emphasizes the officials in charge of the road building project’s lack of responsibility and responsiveness.

The Lopez family was more upset when the flooding problem reappeared in December, despite GDOT’s alleged attempts to resolve it in 2021. They are doubting the effectiveness and sincerity of the state’s assurances after their pleas for help have gone unanswered.

At Two by Two Farms, the flooding has taken a heavy financial toll; losses since the road building project began have surpassed $10,000. The Lopez family feels even more unfairly and neglectfully treated because they have not yet been compensated by the state for their losses, despite the financial hardship and interruption to their way of life.

The Lopez family feels even more alone and powerless because of GDOT’s lack of responsibility and communication. The Lopez family’s continuing dilemma is frustrating and unclear, even after media outlets like FOX 5 have tried to get clarification from GDOT.
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Officials must give the worries and welfare of impacted citizens like the Lopez family top priority as the road building project moves on. Addressing the flooding challenges and lessening the negative effects on nearby towns and businesses need quick action and open communication. The potential of infrastructure upgrades can only be fulfilled without compromising the welfare of those who will be directly affected by cooperative efforts and accountability.

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