Fugitive Arrested: Two-Year Chase Ends for Man Wanted in Cherokee and Forsyth Counties

After two years on the run, Vanus Nichols, 42, has finally been apprehended by law enforcement authorities. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the JCaF Task Force, Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, and the US Marshals Office, successfully captured Nichols in Dawsonville on April 11.

Nichols had been evading arrest since April 2022, facing multiple warrants in both Cherokee and Forsyth counties. In Forsyth, he was wanted on a felony probation warrant, stemming from his original charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Meanwhile, in Cherokee County, he faced charges including failure to appear, criminal trespass, simple assault family violence, and additional counts of criminal trespass related to family violence.

Despite Nichols’ attempts to elude deputies upon their arrival at his residence, law enforcement officers managed to apprehend him swiftly and without incident, ensuring public safety in the process.

Presently, Nichols is detained in the Forsyth County jail without bond, according to records from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office website as of May 9.

The successful arrest of Nichols marks the conclusion of a prolonged pursuit by authorities, highlighting the dedication and collaboration among law enforcement agencies across jurisdictions. The efforts of the Forsyth County Warrant Unit, aided by their partners, have brought closure to a significant case, ensuring that justice is served for the communities affected by Nichols’ alleged criminal activities.

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As the legal proceedings against Nichols unfold, the arrest serves as a reminder of law enforcement’s unwavering commitment to upholding public safety and apprehending individuals evading justice. With Nichols now in custody, residents of Cherokee and Forsyth counties can find reassurance in knowing that a fugitive who posed a potential threat to their communities is no longer at large.

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