Bryan Furman Returns: A New Chapter in Cobb County Barbecue

Bryan Furman, renowned pitmaster and luminary of Atlanta’s barbecue scene, is making a triumphant comeback with the imminent opening of his namesake restaurant, Bryan Furman BBQ, in Marietta. Despite leaving the city, Furman assures fans that his departure is only a technicality, as he prepares to reignite his flame in Cobb County.

After the closure of his beloved B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue following a devastating fire in 2019, Furman remained a fixture on the national barbecue circuit, tantalizing taste buds with his signature flavors at festivals and pop-up events. Now, after years of anticipation, Furman is poised to reclaim his throne with the launch of Bryan Furman BBQ at 186 Windy Hill Road.

The road to reopening has been arduous for Furman, navigating setbacks and challenges along the way. Originally planning to revive B’s Cracklin’ on Bolton Road, rising construction costs prompted a change in location. However, the former home of Herb’s Rib Shack presents a familiar setting for barbecue enthusiasts, offering a promising backdrop for Furman’s culinary revival.

Embracing his roots, Furman’s new venture will embody the essence of a true South Carolina rib shack, focusing on takeout service reminiscent of his early days in Savannah. While the restaurant will initially be takeout-only, Furman envisions the possibility of a small seating area in the future, emphasizing a return to simplicity and consistency in his culinary approach.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Furman plans to introduce smoked portobellos and his mother’s apple cake recipe alongside his signature barbecue offerings. Despite the challenges and doubts he faced, Furman’s determination to honor his commitment to Atlanta fuels his comeback, underscoring his unwavering dedication to his craft and community.

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As the opening of Bryan Furman BBQ draws near, anticipation mounts among barbecue aficionados eager to savor Furman’s legendary flavors once again. With each slice of brisket and bite of fried pork skin, Furman invites patrons to experience the evolution of his barbecue journey, promising a culinary experience enriched by passion, resilience, and a commitment to excellence.

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