Four Injured in Downtown Atlanta Food Court Shooting, Mayor Reports

Four people were injured in a shooting at a downtown Atlanta food court on Tuesday, Mayor Andre Dickens confirmed. The incident occurred at 230 Peachtree Street, causing chaos and fear among those present.

The shooting took place in the same vicinity where a bomb threat was reported the following day, adding to the tension in the area. Former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James, who was in the food court with his wife when the shooting began, described the confusion. “There was confusion because it sounded like almost like something had fallen,” he recounted. “It was clear that that was gunfire and there was a dispute, and all hell broke loose and people just started running everywhere.”

Four individuals, including the shooter, sustained injuries during the incident. Witness Salihah Johnson, who witnessed the commotion on Tuesday, returned to Peachtree Street on Wednesday to renew her passport at 230 Peachtree Street. She described the subsequent evacuation due to a bomb threat: “They were like move back! It’s a bomb threat!”

Captain Neil Welch of the Atlanta Police Department stated that explosive detection canines from various jurisdictions assisted in sweeping the building. Authorities eventually cleared the area, allowing everyone to return inside.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum emphasized that the food court shooting remains under investigation. He noted that surveillance footage showed a range of reactions from people during the shooting, with some seeking shelter while others froze in place. “Quickly moving to places of shelter getting out of the area. We also saw people freeze. They froze. Didn’t move and could have easily been victim number four,” Schierbaum said.

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As the investigation continues, Atlanta authorities are focused on ensuring the safety and security of the area, urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

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