Demolition Day Set for Historic North DeKalb Mall as Transformation Begins

North DeKalb Mall, a long-standing fixture in the metro Atlanta area, is slated for demolition starting June 26. The mall, originally opened as Market Square in 1965 and renowned as Atlanta’s first fully-enclosed mall, will be replaced by a new mixed-use development named Lulah Hills.

The ambitious project, spanning 73 acres, is set to feature 320,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 1,700 multi-family units, 100 townhomes, a 150-room hotel, and a trail connecting to Emory University. Developers envision Lulah Hills as a hub of convenience and leisure, suitable for family outings, date nights, and casual morning coffee breaks.

“Lulah Hills will be intentionally convenient and casual—ideal for a relaxed family outing, the long-overdue date night or a morning cup of coffee. This place will once again enrich community through innovative design, thoughtful curation and active engagement, just as it was known for almost 60 years ago,” developers stated. They also expressed enthusiasm about continuing their collaboration with DeKalb County, Decide DeKalb, and the local community.

The initial phases of the transformation are expected to be completed by 2025, marking a significant milestone in the redevelopment of the area. North DeKalb Mall’s closure marks the end of an era, but the upcoming development promises to bring new life and vitality to the community.

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As demolition day approaches, residents and visitors alike anticipate the exciting changes ahead, looking forward to the modern amenities and community-focused design that Lulah Hills will offer.

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