Former RHOA Star and Ex-NFL Husband Implement Strict Closet Schedule Amid Divorce

Amid their ongoing divorce, a former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and her ex-NFL husband have established a strict schedule to manage access to their shared closet. The couple, who are navigating a high-profile separation, have found it necessary to implement this unusual arrangement to avoid conflicts.

Sources close to the situation reveal that the closet, housing a significant portion of their designer wardrobes, became a point of contention early in the proceedings. To mitigate further disputes, they agreed on a detailed timetable dictating when each party can access the space.

“The closet holds a lot of high-value items and sentimental pieces,” explained an insider. “Having a clear schedule helps prevent any disagreements and ensures that both can retrieve their belongings without unnecessary confrontation.”

Friends and family have noted the couple’s efforts to maintain civility throughout the divorce process, despite the challenges. The structured closet access is just one of the measures they have taken to manage their separation smoothly.

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As the divorce progresses, both parties are reportedly focusing on their individual futures while attempting to minimize disruptions. The former reality star and her ex-athlete spouse are working through their differences with the aim of reaching an amicable resolution.

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