Former Postal Worker Arrested for Check Theft Sparks Concern

The arrest of Ebony Williams, a former postal worker, has shed light on a concerning case of check theft, prompting questions about potential connections to broader incidents of mail-related crime.

Williams, 39, of Morrow, found herself in police custody after being apprehended with a cache of stolen checks, believed to have been pilfered during her tenure as a mail carrier. Cobb Police charged her with felony theft and forgery following the discovery of 28 purloined checks in a vehicle she had allegedly stolen from a rental car company.

The checks, addressed to various individuals and businesses, were discovered stashed in the glove box and trunk of the car, as detailed in Williams’ arrest warrant. While her arrest warrant identifies her previous postal route in the 3035 area code, situated in the Buckhead Village neighborhood of Fulton County, specific details regarding her employment history remain unclear.

Sgt. Eric Smith of the Cobb Police emphasized that, as of now, investigators have not established a definitive link between Williams and reports of stolen checks originating from the Marietta Post Office on Lawrence Street. This assertion underscores the complexity of the ongoing investigation into mail-related thefts, including inquiries launched by federal lawmakers and the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

Williams’ arrest marks a significant development in the efforts to address mail-related crimes, with law enforcement agencies working diligently to uncover the extent of her alleged involvement and any potential connections to broader patterns of criminal activity. While the stolen vehicle has been returned to the rental car company, Williams herself was released from the Cobb County Adult Detention Center on May 2nd after posting a $5,000 bond.

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As the investigation progresses, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice and accountability, seeking to uphold the integrity of the postal system and ensure the security of mail deliveries for individuals and businesses alike.

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