First Responders Save 87-Year-Old from Cardiac Arrest in Johns Creek Miracle

When Ron Johnson went into unexpected cardiac arrest last month while visiting a friend in Johns Creek, his life was in jeopardy. But the 87-year-old Marietta man is alive and well today because of the quick and valiant efforts of first responders.

Johnson was having chest trouble at a local home on March 11 when Johns Creek Fire Department personnel and an AMR Georgia EMS team responded. First to arrive on the scene, prepared to go into action, were firefighters Flora, Hemmings, Hull, Ridings, and Haney.

Johnson was saved in large part by paramedics Joe Terpstra and Savannah Hunter. Hunter described the terrifying incident in which Johnson abruptly passed out and fell into cardiac arrest. The crew used a defibrillator to bring his heart rhythm back in the middle of the mayhem and promptly started CPR.

The responders were calm and concentrated on preserving Johnson’s life despite the seriousness of the circumstance. When they were able to revive him and get him to the hospital for more care, their well-planned efforts paid off.

The amazing turnabout continued from there. Johnson was well enough to walk out of the hospital two days later. Johnson was overcome with emotion by his amazing recovery, as were his rescuers.

Johnson thought the event to be nothing less than miraculous. He said, reflecting on his deep appreciation for people who stepped in on his behalf, “It’s very, very, very emotional for me.”

The result moved the initial respondents as well. The joy of knowing one has improved someone’s life was mentioned by firefighter Hull. He said, summarizing the sense of fulfillment that results from saving a life, “It is a good feeling, it’s a great feeling.”

Johnson’s life is proof positive of the need of quick medical attention and the priceless contributions made by committed first responders. That day a life was saved by their fast thinking, deft execution, and unflinching dedication to their work.

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Johnson personified the tenacity of the human spirit and the ability of community solidarity in times of need as he gave his sincere gratitude to the firefighters and medics who helped him. His amazing recovery reminds us of the daily life-saving effect first responders have on people and communities and acts as a ray of hope.

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